Recommendation wanted- ZigBee usb switch

Hi all, Im looking for something that I can put inline on USB devices to turn them on/off via smartthings. Basically I’m looking for exactly this product but zigbee rather than wifi - does such a thing exist? Thanks

SONOFF Micro USB Smart WiFi Adaptor

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I’m not aware of any. :thinking:

There are a few zigbee power strips that have USB charger slots where you can turn those on or off as a group with automation—would that be of any interest? If so, we’d need to know which country you’re in because the device selection will vary. But obviously that’s a very different form factor.

For all the power strips of this type that I’ve seen, zigbee or WiFi, you can turn the regular sockets on and off individually but the USB slots are controlled as a group.

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Cheers @JDRoberts, yes I have a few of them but would really like the smaller form factor. I’m trying to go zigbee wherever possible rather than wifi devices. I think I’ll end up getting the sonoff micro but if there are any zigbee solutions for sticking inline on usb devices I would be very interested!

You could theoretically use these to gain individual control over the usb slots on the type of smart power strip you mentioned.

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