Someone has added my device to thier smartthings hub

Someone has added my devices to their Snartthings and wont disconnect them. Is there some way i can remove them myself without access to the hub?

How did that happen? Do you live in an apartment/condo and someone else’s hub found them? I’m curious!

Anyway, you can reset the devices. Depending on the device there are certain processes to follow.

If it’s a zwave device, perform a General Exclude from your hub and follow the instructions for your device on how to exclude. For a switch, it usually just requires tapping on either the on of off part of the switch.

Some Zigbee devices, like ST’s, require that you just hold a button down on the device for X seconds, or tap on the button 5, 7, or x number of times. GE zigbee switches just require that you tap on the upper paddle 10 times.

It all depends on the device, so look up your user guides to figure each one out.

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Yes, reset the device and re-pair it to your hub

Which devices specifically? Also did you open a support ticket?

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Its not actually my devices that have been mucked around with. My friend had a nasty break up with their partner, all the devices including kids tables and phones were commecđ to the home hub. Now the partner will not disconnect them.

Should be the same basic advice. If your friend has physical access To the Devices they want to disconnect, they can just individually reset each device. Then it will no longer be connected to that smartthings hub.

Since you were talking about tablets as well, I am assuming that it’s a smartthings Wi-Fi mesh system? It’s still the same answer. Any device that they have physical access to can be individually reset.

Yikes! That does not sound like fun at all. Sorry to hear about that.