Control4 And Hub?

Someone try to connect zigbee control4 switch light with the SmartThings hub?

Don’t quote me on this @raniop, but I’m nearly positive Control4 does NOT work with SmartThings. If I recall correctly I had a conversation with someone from SmartThings about this a few months back and they said Control4 does NOT use the standard HA Zigbee profile. They use their own, closed profile. SmartThings had reached out to them to see if they would share it but hadn’t heard back from them.

Things may have changed since then, but I wouldn’t expect that.

@chrisb correct


Any chance you can forward this on to my wife?

@chrisb she wouldn’t believe me

So does that mean similar to Lowes Zigbee stuff something like this wouldn’t have a chance of working with ST? It lists ZigBee HA 1.2 as if it was standard but I’m guessing it uses a private key or something similar yes?

Actually no that NYCE stuff is awesome. We’re working on that right now actually. They are tiny! I can’t wait to try out their buttons.

Typically anything that lists HA 1.2 could be able to integrate.

That is some seriously fantastic news, it looks like some solid hardware. Also for people that like picking things up locally Lowes will have these soon by the looks of it. It might be because I’m on mobile but I can’t seem to find any prices (besides the tilt sensor) any ideas?

@andy no idea on the price. $30 bux seems pretty nice for them though. They are slightly bigger than the CR2032 battery that powers them.

Sorry to keep bugging you about these @urman but it looks like outside of the one Lowe’s is selling, you’d have to find a Control4 dealer or via an MSO to get one of these sensors. Any ideas on ways to procure these in the future?