SmartThings compatible doorbell and security camera

Couldn’t find an answer to this. People talk about devices that are ‘compatible,’ with SmartThings but it’s not the same.

All I want is a doorbell and a couple of outdoor cameras that work seemlesssly with SmartThings without having to use another hub. I want video feed from the doorbell and cameras on my Samsung family hub refrigerator and I want to get notified and see the video on my Samsung tv.

Can someone tell me which devices should I buy?
The nest devices listed under SmartThings are obsolete and unable to find these devices anymore.
The Ring stick up cam - apparently only gen 2 works (not sure about this either) is no longer available. Not sure about gen 3.

I think all ring and Arlo devices work at this for the basic video streaming. All but the newest nest devices work last I heard.

Thank You for responding.

So if I were to get the latest “Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In” and the “Ring Video Doorbell Pro”, these should work with SmartThings and do what I described?

What about Blink devices?

I am cautious because I bought the Google Doorbell Battery and that didn’t work with SmartThings - doesn’t even recognize the device. Its now an expensive paperweight.

I have the Ring Pro 2 doorbell, and that works with smartthings, both the smartthings app and the Samsung family hub refrigerator.

Perfect! Thank You.

Then Ring Pro 2 doorbell it is.

Now if someone can chime in about the camera, that would be great.

I had a Ring Doorbell Pro at our past house that worked with SmartThings. Current house has the Pro 2 and a Ring Indoor Cam and both work in the SmartThings app and on my Samsung Q70 TV.

Thank You Jimmy.

Do you know if the Ring stick up cam (plug-in) outdoor works? And which gen? Thought I read somewhere that gen 3 doesn’t work.

I haven’t used it personally, so can’t say.

Tbh, it’s the first time I hear about SmartThings. Could you please share some of your experience of using it? I’d appreciate it. You know, I’ve been using Vivint home security for more than 5 years, and I’m still OK with it. So, um, maybe this system will be more comfortable for you. Actually, my friend is looking for a security system too. I remember he told me about SmartThings, but he still hesitated. I think I should ask him if he’s already chosen a system. Anyway, I hope I’ve helped you. Waiting for your reply. Best wishes.

Hey, probably late for the game, but I had the same troublesome experience, so let me share what I learned about the Family Hub + Ring cameras.

In the Family Hub, there will actually be 2 type of widgets to show video.
One is the SmartThings Video widget, and the other is Ring widget.

Let’s start with the SmartThings Video Widget.
I assume what you want to have is to have the Family Hub always show video streaming of the cameras. This is the widget for that. But beware that it will not be a live streaming, but it will be more about snapshots every hour or so. I don’t know the actual interval, it looks pretty random. Probably because of battery, but don’t expect to use it like a surveillance system.

This widget is the one that is NOT compatible with all the Ring Cameras. Some type of Ring camera just doesn’t show up on the selection. I tried re-registering, deleting from IDE, and all the things I can think of, but it is just not versatile.

The one that worked for me are below.
-Ring Door Bell Pro 2
-Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
-Stick Up Cam Battery/Plug-in

What does NOT work with SmartThings video widget is the
-Ring Indoor Cam
It’s a shame that the cheapest camera doesn’t work!

So, then let’s talk about the second widget, the Ring Widget.
This one as far as I’ve seen, works with ALL cameras. But it’s not a widget that will show the video streaming nor the snapshot image, but more of a launcher to see individual camera’s live stream. So you have to choose which camera by tapping tiny carrousel arrows, and once you select, it will show the video streaming. It will show only one video at a time.
It’s not great, I don’t use it, but I guess it’s better than nothing for some people.

Lastly, if you are going to use the stick up camera to get those snapshots, keep in mind that it will probably use more batteries than usual. So I have purchased the power adapter on Amazon and have it plugged in.

I hope Samsung, who is responsible for the SmartThings Video Widget will solve to cover more Ring cameras. But that’s a pie in the sky.

Hope this helps and save money for few people.