New ring cam

I’m wondering if anyone got one & what their opinion is? I’m giving up on cameras playing nice with smartthings & am thinking more & more about getting the ring cams.

Your post is contradicting…
Why woudl you want something that does not work with smartthings at all?

I’ve given up on any camera playing nice with smartthings. I recently got the ring doorbell & love it (I don’t work for them). I’m looking for anyone’s option that has the new ring cam’s. I’ve researched arlo pro, blink & glanced at foscam & they all seem decent but all have issues. Maybe with Samsung working on the next update for smartthings all the cameras will place nice & be viewable in the smartthings app but im.not holding my breath.

None of the other cameras work with Smartthings, which is a shame, because the Floodlight said it did when I bought it. The only thing that works is the doorbell.

The last I have been told was that Ring has their end done but is waiting on Samsung to finish their part.

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Maybe some of the current cameras out there will work with the next update coming out.

I have two ring doorbells and two of the stick up cams. I love them! Their app is simple to use and the pics are great, plus they show up on my echo show.

I doubt use them much at all in ST.

?? Confused here…Arlo, Blink and Foscam all work nicely with ST. Arlo has direct integration while the Blinks and Foscams needs custom DTHs but still work…

I use Blink my self and love it!

From what I have been reading, arlo is not playing niuce at all with st, blink has a delay & foscam works in action tiles & is the only 1 that shows video in the st app.

I’m trying to wait it out & see if st fixes some of the issues with the cameras & then I’m going to make a purchase but I am liking the ring cameras so far.