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SmartThings Cloud is Down



I had this issue multiple times last November and worked with support on it. They verified that it was happening, but never found a reason or a fix. This was a standard lock using standard code, nothing custom. After two weeks, for safety reasons, we switched the lock to a different non-smartThings system and had no more problems with it.

Several other people have occasionally reported garage doors opening when they weren’t supposed to.

At my house, we would be more likely to notice the problem, because I spend most of my life in one of two rooms and one of those is the one with the lock. Also, my service dog is trained to go to the door when it unlocks as he is the one who physically opens the door.

For this reason, I’m pretty sure that the unlocking never happened between November 2014 and October 2015, but did happen multiple times after that. :disappointed_relieved:

I would say now that a smartthings – connected lock/garage door is unlikely to open itself, but judging just from forum reports is more likely to do so than one controlled by Insteon or HomeKit or Control4. I don’t know about other controllers. I can’t imagine Yale or Schlage would even manufacture Zwave locks if this were a common problem.

(David P.) #95

You guys are saying local processing was working last night…

Are triggered smartlights app bulbs not locally processed? I have 3 door sensors triggering smart bulbs and it was ALL down for me yesterday. This is using the build in smartlighting app simple, concise. On when hinge is open, off when closed.


Depends on the exact details.

If these were bulbs attached to the Hue bridge, they do not run locally.

If they are connected directly to the smartthings hub and use an official device type handler, they may. Same for the motion sensors.

You can see which devices are eligible to run locally on your own account:

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(josh) #97

Well, that’s less good. That will make me rethink how to have a backup system for door locks. Thanks for the reply.

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(Scott Shell) #98

And Local processing of things is the primary reason I am very seriously considering migrating from my V1 hub to a V2 hub even though it would be a moderate amount of work for me with as many devices as I have in my house…

since right now I have no local devices… since I’m using a V1 hub.


Right now local processing is limited to devices using official device type handlers (and not all of those) and eligible code is limited to the official smart lighting feature and a little bit of SHM.

And the mobile app is only able to talk to the hub if SmartThings cloud is available. (Technically it would be possible to do it via LAN, but that’s just not how the smartthings architecture works.)

They’ve said they’d like to do more, but no specific timeline.

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(Scott Shell) #100

Understood… but most of my devices are using official device type handlers (although I have a few here and there that are not) and I have most of my lighting automation being taken care of using the smart lighting app…

As such it would go a ways… also I have at least one d-link camera that I could connect with SmartThings but requires me to make the jump to a V2 Hub. (I already own a hub I just need to plug it in and migrate).

I have week off in July that I can take a few days to make the switch… I’ve been reading/following the V2 migration best practices thread and I do have a Minimote which should help smooth the transition.

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(Eric) #101

@JDRoberts so for the minimotes, instead of using Button Controller app, we should assign actions via SmartLighting to be local… I have 6 remotes with 6 mapped functions each…well, thats a lot but worth it to be local.


Correct, the “button controller” smartapp is not yet eligible to run locally. Only the official “smart lighting” feature, but that includes the option to assign a switch to a button on a minimote using the official DTH.

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(Eric) #103

That’s gonna be one big ugly app when I am done with 80 automations or whatever in the house. Wonder if we ever hit a limit? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know. @slagle Is there a limit on the number of individual smart lighting automations a location can have?

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #105

Mine were certainly triggered during yesterday’s issues. I would guess it was due to the cloud being sporadically available and commands and events were queued and processed oddly. I doubt it was local processing but I am not sure of that.

In any event, the ST APP and other avenues I had to disable them were all unavailable.

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(Ben W) #106

Thinking about moving my Sirens to a custom DH handler so they have to execute in the cloud. I removed them from the mix a week ago because I have one contact sensor that is tossing false opens every few days.

going here
I see alert with Siren executes locally

and I see my siren listed here eligible for local execution:

The real solution is to have the ability from the app to connect locally to disable SHM. Yesterday could have received an alert on phone that ST cloud is down. Then could connect to local wifi on my porch and disable SHM before going in. Sure its inconvenient, but better than an alarm blaring.

(Tim Slagle) #107

Nope :slight_smile:


The thing is, when you buy a finished retail product you expect it to work. When you use a free beta product you don’t. If my new car started 75% of the time should I call the manufacturer thanking them for the times it did start? If my cable service or internet was down or had issues 15% of the time, 25%, whatever, should I do the same? Its easy to forget sometimes but this is a finished product partially owned by one of the largest tech companies and companies in general, on the planet.

(Ray) #109

If your siren is qualified for local processing. Do this. Using smart lighting smartapp. Tie a switch to the siren so when you turn off the switch. Also turn off the siren. Maybe tie it to a switch that you don’t use often. I don’t do this because of my custom device handler for my siren but at the same time. I cut the wire to my siren’s speaker and just using the strobe light. You guys are brave for having so many sirens in the house with SHM.


If the siren shows up in smart lighting as a switch, you should be able to use that to tie it to a button on a minimote.

The problem will be the sirens that don’t show up as a switch using the standard device type handler. Because you can’t use a custom handler and have it available locally.

(Ray) #111

I did look at most of the ST standard device handler siren templates and they all have switch capability so that should not be a problem but most of us probably have custom handler like you mentioned and will be a problem for sure.

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(Ben W) #112

I have it set up with double tap to kill the siren, which would not have helped yesterday. I may need to tie another switch like you mentioned.

I can deal with cloud outages every now and then (I guess I can use the light switches) but we should still have the ability to enter our house without setting off alarms.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #113

What are the chances if, say, the next time the sirens go off and you need to disable is 18 months from now will you recall this configuration in the moment the sirens are blaring in your ears?

Second. What happens if your sirens go off when you are out of town and can’t get to the Minimates? Say in the middle of the night in a instalation that the neighbours can hear?

Can’t account or fix everything, but yesterday made me think about what configuration I can afford to have in place given whatever limitations exist.