SmartThings CLI: LAN driver logs disappeared (hub discovery not triggering)

Well, I didn’t scan any new zwave/zigbee devices just to test. Nor have I installed any LAN style drivers to test with.

But to test I did remove the vEdge Creator tile (driver already installed on both firmwares). Do a scan on either hub and it reappears as expected, and the green hub lights blink while scanning.

Sounds like it’s an iOS only problem then

Yes, this is what the engineering team detected, I just asked to confirm it was your case as well.
Anyway, this is already reported, we’ll let you know the feedback.
Thank you for your reports!


You iOS guys are so needy. Lol.


Same here it is broken

Hi, @Chewbarker!
Just to confirm, are you also using the iOS version of the app?

iOS for me as well

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LOL too funny. I set Android Developer Studio and emulated a Pixel 4. Installed smartthings, and scan works (and CLI logging of edge drivers)


Thank you for sharing this workaround! :smiley:

How else are we supposed to add new devices to the hub? I am also on iOS I don’t have any Android.

Just adding that this affected me today too. No amount of hub reboots helped.
+1 iOS

I also have IOS. Not working. I’ll be able to try a google pixel on Monday.

Yes I am. I had an android device and it worked.

Same. Ios too
But only as of last night. Had no issues day before

@nayelyz Can you please give us a status here? It’s been 5 days and this hasn’t been fixed?! Meanwhile new hub firmware was pushed out and this problem wasn’t even mentioned. Is this not considered a priority for the engineering team?? No one with an iPhone is able to install new LAN drivers.


I got desperate and also installed Android Studio, added a Pixel 4 device with Play Store support. installed SmartThings, logged in, then scanned, and it does in fact trigger the scan on my hub. Definitely not ideal but at least I can play with my stuff again.


I was in touch with SmartThings Support (nothing to do with beta team), trying to install an additional hub, interestingly my problems also seemed to be iOS based, Support mentioned there was a new version of the iOS coming shortly.

My guess/theory is that the new app will fix this, rather than a firmware release

Thanks for sharing. It was a firmware update that caused issue in the first place, so interesting that the app is where the fix is. I bet there was a fair amount finger pointing internally which contributed to the delay in getting this fixed. :roll_eyes:


@SamsungZell it’s been 5 days of iOS users not being able to add devices to SmartThings. Why does the status page not reflect this?!


Hi, everyone.
I already pinged the team to get more info about the progress. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll also check more details about the status page

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