SmartThings CLI: LAN driver logs disappeared (hub discovery not triggering)

Mmmm this is weird, when you hit scan, you should see at least the driver initializing, even if the device isn’t discovered for some reason.

  1. Have you seen in the API if the device was deleted correctly?
  2. Is there anything that could be blocking the driver execution like an instruction before driverName:run() and outside the lifecycles/handlers?

This is something I can think of while I check with the team for other reasons.

That’s what is so odd. Running smartthings devices does not show any devices of this driver type, so I don’t think it was a delete issue.

I am not sure what would be causing blocking like that, especially after trying a hub reboot. Logs do show other zigbee device activity as normal - there’s just nothing for this driver, but in the past, I’ve been able to easily get logs even if just init.

Looks like @TAustin is having the same issue

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Yup, but no logs is just a symptom. The driver definitely isn’t starting and running discovery.

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It’s possible your driver is locked up or stuck in a reboot loop. I would modify your init file and comment out the guts of it. Reinstall that with a few log statements for sanity. If it is locked up, this should get it out. Then you can reintroduce your logic and debug the cause.

Erm…I just experienced this. When I investigated, it seems the hub is not scanning. no green light blinking and no events on the old ide.

Is your hub definitely scanning?

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Already been down that path. Also tried another working test driver that really doesn’t do much of anything. I simply changed the driver name and package key in the config file. Same deal - installs fine, but never gets kicked off.

I agree - by all signs, it looks like this is something that happened with discovery. FWIW, I’m also on firmware 000.045.00007.

Can you see if your hub light starts blinking green when you trigger scan nearby?

It does not. Stays solid green.

I dont think the hub will add anything…

Hi everyone. Thank you for adding your comments on who else is experiencing this behavior. I already asked the team about this.
Are you using the iOS or Android ST app?
@brbeaird, @TAustin, @Davec

IOS. Iphone

iOS for me

I’m Android, and have V2 hubs on 000.045.00007 and 000.044.00009. Both scan fine, and flash green while scanning.

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Oh. That’s interesting

When you say scan fine. Do you mean edge drivers perform discovery as usual?

Well, I didn’t scan any new zwave/zigbee devices just to test. Nor have I installed any LAN style drivers to test with.

But to test I did remove the vEdge Creator tile (driver already installed on both firmwares). Do a scan on either hub and it reappears as expected, and the green hub lights blink while scanning.

Sounds like it’s an iOS only problem then

Yes, this is what the engineering team detected, I just asked to confirm it was your case as well.
Anyway, this is already reported, we’ll let you know the feedback.
Thank you for your reports!