"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

I removed one Xiaomi switch from smartthings and pair it in the new application, but it is still written that the device can not be connected.

it looks like they are adding custom handlers by capability. Motion and contact now, maybe switches, dimmer, etc in the future.


Thanks for the information!
Are Sonoff switches running in the new application?

doubt it since they use a custom device handler

Can you confirm if any of your custom DH are working in the new app?

None of the custom DH works for me in new app.

Sucks. I hope my custom DH’s will work when my time comes. :sweat:

The rumor (I won’t say anything with any confidence until there is actual linkable published notice to this effect) is that the new DTH API will no longer support “ad hoc / custom” Attributes and/or Commands.

In other words, a DTH must be compliant with one or more Capabilities, and if more “stuff” is needed, you’ll have to wait until an official Capability has been added to the platform.

I can see pros and cons to this. Since I’m a “Capability” champion (ref: the “Capability Type Suggestions” Category that I conceived in February 2015), I think this is a good move; but the impact on legacy DTHs is very unfortunate.


Thanks for that info @tgauchat,

What about product like Dome who expose their capabilities via their handlers? I am not willing to by SmartThings branded junk!

Dome is Z-Wave and thus should be able to initially work with the “generic” Z-Wave Capabilities handlers that SmartThings already provides for all officially defined “standard” Capabilities.

Though, this would exclude the ability to custom-handle the Dome Mouser - “smart rodent electrocutor” -, for example, since there is no Capability “Rodent Trap”.

Can you think of any other Dome brand devices that are non-conforming?

The siren has standard siren capbility, but also has additional audio notification capability not found on “normal” z-wave sirens. But yeah, “normal” dome contact, motion, water, etc. sensors work with standard device handlers, except for device preferences. SmartThings has even added several of their fingerprints to standard device handlers.

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I don’t know what the SmartThings DTH looks like, but from a Z wave standpoint it just reports as a sensor which also has a switch capability.


My GE Link bulbs came across but when I try they say “Can’t connect”.

Are they going to be supported in the future ?

doubt it. They aren’t even made anymore. You could try using zigbee dimmer or zll dimmer bulb device types.

Which really isn’t a correct report!

A “Switch” is an Actuator and must accept the Commands: on()/off() in order to be compliant with Capability “Switch”.

While the Mouser will report the Attribute “switch[on,off]”, it cannot be turned on and off remotely, and is therefore, not a SmartThings “Switch”.

Of course, it remains to be seen that, if SmartThings limits all DTHs to the Attributes and Commands of published Capabilities (i.e., no ad hoc / custom), then will SmartThings also require full compliance with the Capability definition: i.e., that all specified Attributes and Commands must be provided … or at least stubbed in a predictable manner.

In this hypothetical case of the Dome Mouser claiming “Switch”, I contend that it is not appropriate for it to accept the “on()/off()” Commands if it incapable of performing that function. One might argue that it is reasonable, because the Device can report back with it’s current Switch state, even if that state is unchanged; thus ensuring “predictable” behavior. Not optimal, though.

Thank you - zll dimmer bulb works.

They may be old but they have never given me a problem


Do you have the device? Because my understanding is that it does have on/off. It doesn’t trigger the trap, but it “arms” it. You use the “off” before you empty the trap, for example.

Flip On/Off Button to the On position - the LED will stay lit for two seconds
indicating the Mouser is armed…
Flip the On/Off Button to the Off position to empty the Mouser

I have it. There is no switch capability in the device handler. IIRC, contact is used for armed/disarmed and motion is used for when a mouse is caught.

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Yes… I have the Dome Mouser.

It does have a physical on/off Switch (to arm/disarm it); which, can, therefore, report the Attributeswitch[on,off]” to the DTH; but this Switch (nor arming/disarming) cannot be automated or controlled remotely (i.e., there is no support for the actuator Commandson()/off()” which are required in order for the DTH to be compliant with Capability “Switch”.

This is somewhat similar to the difference between “Button” (Button Controller) vs “Momentary Button” all over again. A device which just reports the state of a switch (i.e., acts as a Sensor) is not the same as a Switch (i.e., acts as an Actuator and a Sensor). But I guess (unhappily) that this may be the best-fit option out of SmartThings currently available Capability definitions.

Either SmartThings ought to offer “non-actuator” (i.e., read-only) versions of all “actuator” Capabilities, or extend the model to have a read-only flag. Neither is likely to happen.

This is a custom DTH which arbitrarily has mapped SmartThings Capabilities to the Z-Wave messages and commands from/to the Mouser.

I don’t necessarily agree that these are appropriate mappings … but they aren’t bad.

The subject at hand, however, is whether or not the Mouser can function without any ad-hoc (custom) Attributes and/or Commands.

The answer is “probably yes” … but not with the DTH snip that you provided, as it has 2 ad-hoc Attributes.

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