Smartthings classic can't log in

(Daniel Consuegra) #1

I’m temporarily using an old Samsung Note (N7000) with android 4.1.2 installed.

I’ve been able to install the ST classic app.

I know that my password is correct… as is my email…

But still I can’t log in… any ideas?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

What error do you get?

Both the Classic App and new App require jumping to default browser, which must by Chrome or the Samsung Browser in order to complete authentication; that’s why SmartThings App does not work on Amazon Fire HD Tablets.

I presume that either the above requirement or some other App requirement is simply not compatible with such an old version of Android.

Major “Android Webview” stuff changed around Android v4.3 / v4.4 / v4.5 … any many other changes after that too, of course.

(Steve Jackson) #3

I found this (it says Android 5.0 for phone or 4.1 for tablets) and I think it applies to the old app as the new app says it requires Android 6.0.

(Daniel Consuegra) #4

I get an error about incorrect email or password… (10+ times incorrectly? seriously? lol!)

I installed Chrome right after reading this and nope… same thing…

So I guess it’s a matter of compatibility… oh well… Thanks guys!

(Alex Kum) #5

Im not able to login if connected to wifi. However it is working if connected to telco 4g directly. Since smart connect taken over the previous smartthings app (now is called smartthings classic), all kind of weird stuff happening at smart connect. Im reluctant to use the new app as it didnt correctly recognise all my devices. I deleted some unknown device in smartconnect (more than 200 unknown devices) then I realised my yale zwave lock and xiaomi motion sensor has been removed from my list of devices in my old smartthing app aka smartthings classic. I verified list if devices is missing through the smartthings web portal. Please explain this shit causing me alot of incovenient.

(Daniel Consuegra) #6

UPDATE: changed over to a Nexus 5 with the latest possible updates to the OS and everything works… will have to keep the Note as a micro tablet for actiontiles when I get around to purchasing it… lol!