Only one SmartApp on the list

I just recently started using smartthings v3 hub instead of my previous one and I find it pretty frustrating so far. Have no idea if this supposed be current state of the app, that only available smartapp is “Home Monitor”? Or could it be some regional restriction (I live in Poland)?

I can configure and add them with the “old” app, but after that still can’t access them with current one, when trying it just freezes on endless loading screen and has to be manually closed.

Yes, the list of available SmartApps is determined by your Samsung account region. So it is expected behavior to only see SmartThings Home Monitor.

The app freezes when you try to access SmartThings Home Monitor in the new app?

No, I meant accessing any smartapp added with the old app. Is there any workaround to make current app’s features usable?

You should be able to open at least some of the SmartApps in the new app that were installed using the Classic app such as Smart Lighting.

And if they aren’t installed yet, you should be able to see and add custom Groovy SmartApps under the + menu on the SmartApp section of the ST app.

I have the same problem, Can’t find any smartapps. I live in Sweden.

But I can add smartapps in the old app and use them in the new app. But I wish not to have 2 apps installed.

@KnosuHor, you can use the Classic app and you should have more SmartApps listed there. If not, then you can got to the SmartThings GitHub repo and add SmartApps from there to your IDE.

Or, probably the easiest. Register a new Samsung Account with UK as country and then you will have more SmartApps and device integrations too. (The new Sonos integration would not work neither with Poland as the Samsung account’s country.)

This is an absolutely ridiculous regional limitation. Indeed, I believe SmartThings Hubs are not sold officially in Poland.

There is a way to change the main account for the Hub, but you need to search the community forum for that.

-Just as a fun fact, Samsung has an R&D Center in Warsaw. Some guys are working from there, I believe and doing some device integrations time to time. I cannot believe that they would have to use their Hub with a UK or US account just to get some SmartApps working. :thinking:

@Brad_ST I just tried smart lighting and virtual device, after adding I can see them in the new app but both stuck at loading.

@Thestaar Somehow I can’t :frowning: and it behaves like this both ways, also can’t open home monitor added from the new app in the old app (gives error) .
@GSzabados I particularly need “smart lighting”, can’t find this one on github, should all of them be there?
As for the account, would adding new account as a member to existing home work or do I need to reset hub and start over?

The Smart Lighting was never public. So it is not available in the GitHub repo.

The other part, that is a good question. I have never tried it by myself.

I’ve got a UK account, and haven’t noticed the issues until someone mentioned it here, how account countries matter.

I’ve dug around the community forum, and you should reset the Hub to change the owner’s account.
You can register a UK account on Samsung’s UK website.
Actually there isn’t any way to transfer the ownership of a Hub between Samsung accounts. There was a single occasion where someone had mixed up devices on different shards, and ended up somehow transferring the ownership of some devices on one of the shards to a shared member. But obviously it is not a way.

I remembered that occasion regarding the ownership change, so please excuse me, if my comment was misleading.

Unfortunately, your Samsung account’s country cannot be changed from the Settings page. Samsung support can change it, but your account would be wiped out as well.

Some other manufacturers like Sonos has similar regional limitations. If you have a Google Home device and you want to add a Sonos speaker to it, you cannot add it if your Sonos account is not in one of the supported countries. But Sonos support is not hiding it. They even give advice, what they have from feedbacks from other users, to just change your Sonos account’s country. And it works well. And of course changing the account’s country is only takes that much time, as just finding where is that setting on the Sonos website. And meanwhile you can realise how much information is Sonos storing regarding your device. It is amazing how they visualise when you used your speaker during the past weeks or months. But suddenly, Samsung is completely different. And it is more like a pain here.

The new app has SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM), meanwhile the Classic app has Smart Home Monitor (SHM), two different things. Both works only in the respective app.

@GSzabados Thank you for all that info and help. I’ll stick with both apps for now. I tried new uk account as a member of the same location and it did work for adding and configuring smartapps in the new app, but changing samsung account back and forth was too much hassle.

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