Cannot add hub in New app

Dear all,

Ik have some problems adding the smartthings hub V2 STH ETH tot the new smartthings app.

Evert time when i want to add the hub to the app IT restarts so i am unable to add the hub.
Try it alsof on other phone but same problems.

When i try this in the old classic app it can be added without any problems and is than visible in bot new as classic app

Have someone else the same problems with the New app??

Second problem is that i can not set the geolocation.
It finds my locaties but when i save this it returns to begin screen and does not save my location.

Hope some of you can help me with these problems


Is the default language on your mobile device set to English (US) or other? If other try setting to English (US) and set the geolocation. Once set, you can change the language back.

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Thanks that was the solution for Both problems

Gr alex