Smartthings Classic App and V3 HUB registration

How can I add the V3 HUB to the iPhone Smartthings classic app?

If I want to “Add a Thing” (to add the Hub) it comes with the message there is no HUB installed. If I want to add a HUB then I need to enter a code, but the v3 doesn’t give that code. Then when I select “See helpfull tips…” then I get the description of how to add the HUB via the new App, not via the classic app. Any suggestions how to add the V3 to the Classic app?

Use the new app first to add the hub, then go back to the classic app

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I just did this and this is how I had to do it.

Thanks, I tried that as well. Initially it didn’t work, the V3 HUB didn’t show up in the Classic app. Not sure what I changed now, but suddenly the HUB is available in the classic app. Thanks for the suggestion.