Can't add a new 2018 Hub using the iOS app?

I just bought a new SmartThings Hub (my first one) and tried to set it up by following the instructions: I downloaded the SmartThings app and when I try to add a new device, I don’t even see the Hubs category! How is one supposed to set this up and use it? I just wasted 2 hours searching online and trying different things (including downloading the Classic app) to no avail. This is really a terrible experience so far, how has anyone been able to set this hub up? I’m in the US BTW (Seattle area).


Isn’t there a QR code to scan with camera?

Hmm, where do I scan the QR code? I do see one on the Hub, but I can;t seem to find any where in the app to add a Hub (manually or automatically). I basically don;t see the “Hubs” category.


I wish I knew … I haven’t used the new App.

I can just tell you that the Classic App cannot be used to add 2018 Hub (but you can use the Classic App after using the new App to add the 2018 Hub).

Try this…

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Think I’ve seen some recent threads on this issue. Perhaps a search of the forum would turn up some leads, @anilveena.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but like @tgauchat, I am also not using the new app or have a V3 hub…

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Look for WiFi/Hub

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Unfortunately I don’t see WiFi either. I just see categories for appliances (TV, Washer etc). I will likely just return this device and go with a different brand. I can’t even follow the instructions in the link posted by tgauchat - not sure if the documentation is for a different app or what. Really bizarre how bad this device and app are. I sent an email to their Contact Us as well, but no response so far (even after a day).


what region are you in?

I’m near Seattle WA.

you should contact ST support at

FYI, here are screen shots of my Add Device in the SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app…

WiFi/Hub is in the third row, second from left

clicking on WiFi/Hub brings up this screen

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I have the same problem :frowning:

Contact ST support at

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I have same problem. I’m living in Hong Kong. No support outside US. Going to return it. May go for ST v2 previous model.

Open a new Samsung account with US location, use the website link from your computer not the phone.

I can add the device now. Thanks for your help.

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i have same issue im in UAE i have the option on hub but when i click on it there is no list devices
followed the instructions didnt help my friend could add it. dont know what is the issue.