SmartThings can communicate with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge for Yale Smart Gate Lock?

May I know SmartThings can communicate with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge?

I am planning to buy YDR30GA or YDR50GA Smart Gate lock with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge + Yale Access Module.

Thank you!

You can’t program codes on it remotely (even if you get it to connect somehow). You’re better off getting a ZigBee or Z-Wave module for the lock and using a SmartThings hub to pair directly than using a bridge if you want remote programming capabilities for your lock through SmartThings.

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Thank you for your answer!

May I know if ZigBee or Z-Wave will be compatible with YDR30GA or YDR50GA?

Kindly let me which brand should I buy for ZigBee or Z-Wave?

Thank you again!

You may want to call Yale for compatible modules. They vary by region.

@JDRoberts can talk about zwave vs ZigBee :slight_smile:

The RF module must be designed by Yale to fit the specific lock model.

In the case of these two models, it appears that they are only making one module: the Bluetooth module that you linked to which is designed to communicate with the connect bridge device. So they are not offering a Zigbee or Z wave option for these models. :disappointed_relieved:

You can check with Yale to be sure.