SmartThings Cam (2019, USA) (Model GP-U999COVLBDA)

Samsung has posted the website for the new SmartThings Cam. Costs $89.99. It’s a 1080p Wifi indoor camera with night vision, 2 way talk, motion zones, person detection , 24 hours free storage, and 30 days paid storage for $7.99 a month. There’s some other new devices that i’ll create separate threads for, so let’s use this one for the wifi cam specifically.


Buy 2 get $20 off

There is also a hub and sensor promotion but I can’t seem to get it to show up in cart (even with just sensors)…

Save an additional $20 with your $100 purchase on Hubs and Sensors, or save $40 with your $200 purchase.

Curious if these have any integration features compared to Arlos and WyzeCams I currently have.

Some interesting information here:

you must set up Smart Home Monitor automation to automatically record video clips in the event of an intrusion alert in the SmartThings app

  • If you have a basic plan, you can only select two cameras that can be recorded with SmartThings Video service.
  • If you have a premium plan, you can select five cameras that can be recorded with the SmartThings Video service.

(The product page indicates support for 4 and 8 cameras, respectively for the plans, but it maybe that there are further limits on what can be triggered from a single event.)


Good verge review:

Anybody else notice this thing already has two different names? “Samsung SmartThings Cam” and “SmartThings Smart Cam.”

And that’s just in the official Samsung documents. :scream:

Both appear to be model number GP-U999COVLBDA

Several reviewers are calling it a “Samsung smart cam“, but it looks like that’s the same model.

More details on free vs paid: The paid plan gives you 60 second clips vs 10 seconds for free. You also get up to 100 indefinitely stored clips with the paid plan.

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I bought two of these this weekend and I figures id post my experience since I cant find much about them. They show up in both the classic and new app but I can only view video in the new app, the classic does not show a option to view video or clips. I can only get it to record clips on motion through a custom smart home monitor in the classic app, the new app doesn’t seem to have that feature. I think it will record clip when the smart home monitor is armed but I haven’t tried. This is just what I have figured out and Im probably missing things can figure out how to do some of the things easier.

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STHM in the new app has the option to record clips for the Security piece. I think you can also use a custom automation in the new app to trigger a clip.

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In the new app under custom automations I only see that I can turn on the cam not record a clip. I did not know you could do the custom automations similar to IFTTT in the new app, thanks!


Anyone with a Samsung TV able to view live video from the cam?

I have a Samsung Q6FN and the cam is registered as a device in SmartThings and I get notifications of detected motion but when I click on view video, it’s only a black screen.

Can someone look at the device handler in the IDE and list the capabilities. From a developer perspective that would be nice to know.

cant figure out how to let other members view clips, they can just view live video. Any ideas?

Any tips on how to view this stream outside the Smartthings environment?

I cannot even figure out how to get the damn thing to record a clip! :slight_smile:

Well - now I looked at the custom automations section and see some of the things I can do :slight_smile:

@Ben, I appreciate the irony of you learning how to use the new app along with all of us :slight_smile:


:grin: (10 chars)

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Hello, I am having the same problem, did you manage to solve?

Hi, CryptDogg, did you solve your problem?

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