Smartthings Cam in Europe?

Hi, this is my first post here, so hello everyone!

I somewhat new to Smartthings. I wanted to start an Image processing project with the new Smartthings Cam, only to realise -after buying two- that they are not supported in europe? At least they don’t show up in either Smartthings app in the Add Device section.

  • Am I missing something? I have been googling like crazy but to no avail.

Further questions:

  • Is there a developer mode where I can access the camera? (I can see it as an access point)
  • Is there a way to simulate/bypass the geolocation for development? (I know I can use a VPN, but was wondering if I can add the device manually or create a location or something like that)

Thanks in advance,

First of all welcome to the community, I am sure you will get lots of help here especially from the long timers, I have found @JDRoberts to be the most active member and to be of the best help.

I think this is the camera that I have arriving today (from Vodafone) so hopefully I will be able to help later once it arrives.

As a result I am surprised to see you saying that it is not supported in Europe, where did you hear this?

Sorry I can’t be of any help right now, but maybe later once my camera arrives (providing Vodafone haven’t locked the camera to only their hub)

Hi @Rizlah, thanks for the quick reply. This is the camera I’m talking about:

Maybe I should have gotten the v-home one but supposedly GP-U999COVLBDA was a newer model with 1080p, HDR and better motion detection, that is, if you can actually use it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I was a bit reluctant to being stuck with Vodafone. I admit I’m starting to regret my decision though.

Anyway good luck with your new camera!

I believe your Samsung account would also need to be set as a US based account.

Doesn’t this cam have a US style power cord?

Hi @jkp it does indeed have a US power cord, but other US products work outside US, so I took the risk (which doesnt feel so smart now, mind).
That said you are right about the US-based samsung account, but that, in itself would not be a problem if the Smartthings app were not geolocked. I mean I tried with a US based samsung account, the problem is pairing the Camera with whe Smartthings app(s).

There is always the option of running everything through a VPN, which I’ll try before returning the cameras, but I’d rather there was another way, especially since I want to develop stuff for it.

That’s why I was asking if there was a development mode where you can access it, regardless of geolocation. If not, does it mean only US-based programmers can develop for it?


I have received my Vodafone kit and its all working, I did have to use their hub but it was pretty simple to setup with both of them running, they use a SmartThings wifi hub (their mesh system) and its only needed to connect the camera initially, once its connected it all just works.

The only quirk that I don’t like is that SHM of Vodafone (in the new app) does not synch with the SHM that ST have their classic app. Hopefully I will be able to get them to synch up and if I can then this product does exactly what I wanted it to.

However like you said, you wanted the better camera, which unfortunately doesn’t work in the EU, or UK so not much use, however if you want to try the VF offering them rest assured you do not need to change hub, you do need to add their one though.

I do have all devices connected to my existing hub however, so I am not sure if I unplugged their one now what the impact would be,