Samsung door / window sensor $20 Amazon

First post from a newbie that just started playing with smartthings eco system.
Don’t know if this is an extremely good deal, but I am in a pinch to get my home setup with alerts for doors opening after the police came knocking at my door at 1am after they found my 3 year old sleep walking a few blocks away from my just after midnight on a Friday.


Good deal, in for a couple more.

I see Best Buy has them at the same price, if you can find them nearby.

I’d just get the Visonics for $18 or wait until they maybe have a sale.

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I just grabbed a couple myself. It looks like I may be buying a lot more automation pieces during the holiday sales if these kind of sales keep happening.


Glad your child was OK

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You’re in for some trouble, my friend. These prices will continue into Christmas as various manufacturers and sellers battle it out for your “smart” dollars.

Last year, I believe things got serious starting Cyber-Monday. I was buying multiple items several times a week.

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I wouldn’t install these in my setup if they were giving them away. Just too darn unreliable.


That’s what I’m afraid of. I bought an entire alarm system last year because of the holiday prices. Fortunately I don’t need much else. I want to replace all of my Nest cams, but probably not this year.

I hear ya, but I only need two RGB bulbs and I’ve been holding off because of the prices. If they don’t work, it’s not a big deal to return them.

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You want to replace your Nest & didn’t jump on the Lowe’s Netatmo clearance deals !!!

we use chain locks on the front door to keep in the Little Ones at night

thanks for the deal alert!

Hah. I didn’t see those, but I don’t know if they’re what I’m looking for anyway.

We have a slide chain but the worry is that sometimes I go into work at midnight for updating IT systems and can’t lock the chain on the way out the door.

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I’ve used these. You can lock on the way out and unlock from outside to get back in. Helps keep little ones safe.

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My smartthings main purpose is to keep tabs on the little ones lol. We have pendants turn bright red if one of the kids doors opens while we’re sleeping, and voice announcements if their doors open “after bedtime”, the door chime for exterior doors during the day. Kids are sneaky!


So glad I was young before this stuff existed…


Now $16.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy. Links above…let the games begin!.

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At $17 I’m in for one multipurpose sensor. Thanks.

I got one and stuck it in my mailbox to stress-test against my barely functioning Iris. @$17, I might actually get another as a front door knock sensor.

If you’re just looking for a contact sensor, around that price I’d get the Visonic. I’ve found them to be very reliable, and they have a very nice slim/low-profile form-factor, about as small and sleek as there is for a mounted contact sensor. If you want/need the other multisensor stuff then go w/the ST of course.

For 1 price is $17.99, 2 or more they are $16.99

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