SmartThings Button single press stopped triggering actions

A couple weeks ago I picked up some SmartThings buttons to make it convenient to turn on and off some plug-in lamps around the house. I added on/off toggle commands on the single press, and other commands for the double press and hold.

Starting yesterday evening, double press and hold still work fine on 2 of the buttons, but the single press no longer triggers the action. On the other 2 buttons none of them work. However, in all cases the app is correctly showing the presses in the GUI, and the IDE shows all of the presses in the log.

The devices being toggled by the buttons still respond to direct commands in the smartthings app, but they aren’t being toggled by the (logged) button presses.

Any ideas?

You’re not the only one having this problem. Check out the following link:


Thanks. I hadn’t seen that. Appreciate the pointer to the existing thread.

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