SmartThings Button No Longer Works and Other Errors

Hi Nayelyz,

I have created a set off virtual switches with SmartThings Developer Web.

And I have found out the android SmartThings App > “Smart Lighting” has many error (pls. refer to image) and even the ios SmartThings App > “Smart Lighting” routine has been setup, but it doesn’t work (no trigger action happen). It is just a simple call routine action trigger by a motion sensor, why fail?

And SmartThings App > “Smart Button” setup page, all information input correctly and testing result fine. But the physical SmartThings Button (battery 67%) on (passed / passed twice / hold ) has no action at all. (before all my Smart Buttons are working fine)

May I ask, have your team doing the UAT before? Why so many issues let the user to reported?
Very disappointed :slightly_frowning_face: