Automate SHM on when Device leaves house? (New app)

The new Smartthings app is garbage but I am trying to give it some time. I have set up automation to set the mode to away when I leave the house. Great, it does that but it doesn’t arm the house. What is the difference between “Away” mode and “Away Armed” in security.

The classic app was so much easier and I am this close to going back but I really want to give this a try.

Can someone please help me out?


the following thread might help explain. and @jdroberts touches on STSC in several of his posts there.

I might have mistyped. I understand the difference. I guess what I am curious is how in the NEW Smartthings app to get it all to work together. It worked so well in Smartthings Classic.

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There is unfortunately no way at all to automate arming and disarming smart home monitor in the new app other than opening the app and doing it there. It’s a different design philosophy than the classic app.

The link you already were given should help clear up the confusion between location.mode and security.mode, but it’s still not going to let you do what you want to do.

So basically I should give up on the new app… Everything worked so great with the Classic app.

SHM In the new app is different code than SHM In the old app, and they have just gone with a different design philosophy. You can get a notification to remind you to arm/disarm SHM, but you can’t automate it.

Remember that they’ve already announced that they will be discontinuing the classic app, they just haven’t said exactly when. So if you would like to see them have a different design philosophy for the new app, make sure you write to support and tell them.