Smartthings Button Lag and Pairing Issues


Recently I’ve been having issues with my smartthings button.

I have a v2 hub, my button in my bedroom showed disconnected. I reset it (held down the button and red/green led blinking). the Smartthings classic app finds the button no problem but you cannot append actions to it.

When i press, double press and hold, the classic smartthings app shows those actions immediately. The new smartthings app doesnt have an action history so i cant tell but it never changes. If i attach an action to the button, it does not execute.

If i pair from the new smartthings app it doesnt actually ever finish pairing, though the green LED goes solid as if it pairs. If i refresh my device list it will eventually see that there is a button paired. If i attach actions to it, it will take about 4 minutes to execute, if at all, making it essentially useless.

I have also tried to reset my hub. I have had the buttons execute fine in the past, but when reconnecting my buttons they do not work.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

How far from the hub is the Button? Also if you log into the SmartThinigs developer portal you can watch the events for your hub:

I was about a foot away when trying to repair. To be frank, I don’t think it’s the hub since smartthings classic recognizes the button presses immediately but the smartthings connect doesn’t.

Maybe I have to wait for another software update? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Do a search on here for SmartThings Button. You have to set it up in the new app for it to work in the old app.

The old app will not have the settings for Pressed, Long Pressed and Double Pressed. You have to set those settings in the new app.

You don’t have to switch to the new app, but the button must be setup in the new app.

You don’t need the new app, I set up all my Buttons in the Classic App. I am able to see button presses and held events in the old app, if you go into the development site all the events are shown. Also ABC (Advanced Button Controller) also is able to use the events in the Classic App.

To execute the “held” command I had to use WebCORE: