SmartThings Button Keeps Going Offline

I bought a SmartThings button and it keeps going offline. It seems to be working fine; if you press it, it immediately works and does what it’s supposed to do and it will show as online for about 5-10 minutes but then it goes offline again. It also isn’t updating the temperature which is no big deal, but perhaps is another symptom. It’s a bit annoying because I can program the button with it offline but I can’t add it to any automations unless it’s connected.

None of my other devices are doing this and this is the only button I have so far. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I had the same issue a while back.
Do you have any other buttons?
If you do and they are ok, return it, it is most likely bad. Thats what i did with mine. replacement has been flawless since.

Thanks, I bought two but so far I’ve only set-up one. Maybe I’ll try using the other one and see if it works properly. If so, that may be the issue.

Hey there!

@John_Schrenker, if the symptoms persist I’d recommend trying to delete the device and re-pair the Smartthings Button to your hub.

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Enable ipv6 on your router.