Samsung SmartThings Button

I have a few Samsung SmartThings Buttons that have been working great for years. The battery on one of them recently died. When I replaced the battery, the button was no longer being recognized on the SmartThings app until I removed and paired it again. It now looks good in the app. I set it to control some lights like it used to, but nothing happens when I press the button. I removed and paired it again to double check, but got the same results. Thoughts?

If you open the ST app and open the button’s device page, does it show the the change in state when pushed, held, double pushed? Here is a screenshot I took just when I pushed the button.

No, it just says standby.

It doesn’t sound like it’s paired or working right. I’d try repairing it.

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I would also check the battery and pair it close to the hub.

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I ignored this for a few weeks, then checked it out again. The history shows temperature updates, but it doesn’t show when the button is pressed, so it looks like the mechanism is dead. I can remove and pair my other buttons just fine. I just ordered a new button.