New Smartthings buttons dumb

Bought three of the new Smartthings button and they seem built great and using smart lighting app have really fast response compared to logi pop buttons.

However they are let down buy I think the smart app if the light was switched on via app and I want to switch off via button I need to press it twice once for the “turn on” and once again to actually turn it off.

Why is the app not seeing the light is already on so I probably want to turn it off if I press the button.

This is the same issue Toggle with Smart Lighting

The only way I have found round this is to use webcore which introduces a tiny bit of lag and also not as simple to change.

Interesting you bring that up. For a long time I have had issues with Aeotec WallMote Quads. I’d see the same thing where it would take multiple pushes to turn on a lamp. These lights are also controlled via schedule, etc. I would see the pushes logged as well.

I did use webCore, but didn’t think to add the condition where the light is on/off. I’ll give that a shot!

You could just use the Toggle command. It’s the same logic.

the problem is that the toggle feature in smart lighting appears to keep internal state and doesn’t actually check the device state, so if the device is changed by anything else, it is out of sync.

I would suggest anyone having problems with this contact support (as noted in the post OP linked) so the issue can be logged.

Toggle command in webCoRE. I dumped SmartLighting for everything other than simple on/off commands.

Same issue here. If I turn the light on/off via Alexa, or heaven forbid I use the actual switch, the button needs to be pressed twice. Seems like they should add the “poll” command to update the current state. However I am clearly not an expert in these matters, but it is a bit annoying. How do we say it, first world problems! :wink:

The way you sorted it with webcore is the only way to do it I think, I had to do the same except mine were used to open/close curtains. If I had closed the curtains and pressed the toggle then it would try and close them again. Webcore has fixed it although I agree there’s a short delay.

the problem with solving this in Smart lighting is that it can Target more than one device and there isn’t a clear “correct” behavior when some lights are on and others are off. (even a solution in web core has to choose what to do in such a case)

I just use the “Switch Power State” in the new app. I don’t actually use the new app; just use it to program the buttons.

With “Switch Power State”, If the light is ON when the button is pressed, with will change to OFF. And vice versa, if the light is OFF it will change to ON.

With one button in the living room, a Single press will “Switch Power State” of the Living Room Lamps. A double press will “Switch Power State” of a small lamp in the living room. A Hold (or long press) will turn everything off.

That sounds like “Toggle” in the Classic app. I don’t use STSC, but if the underlying issue isn’t corrected, the issue will still persist.

So I called support about this issue. They seem to be aware of it but do not have a solution to the issue scheduled. Seems like a simple bug to me, they are just looking at the wrong variable so I don’t know what the big deal is to fix it.

I fixed all of my button issues by using webCore and disabling command optimization so that the on or off command gets sent each time. This way it doesn’t matter what ST thinks the switched item’s state is. Works perfectly every time now.

It’s not local, but I don’t find the lag too bad.

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Actually it can be done in Smart Lighting which keeps it local, but a bit more complicated because you need two rules. One rule “Turn on”, with condition that the target device is off, and turn off, on condition it’s on.
The only issue I’ve run into with this is if the light’s state is changed by something other than Smartthings and the state is not yet refreshed by the time you push the button. Like a Tradfri remote, motion sensor etc.

It would appear as though SmartThings has corrected this issue! I can now turn on a light from the GE switch and turn it off by clicking the ST Button w/o having to click it twice! Using the new ST app to create the basic rules in the button device.

If this is fixed that is great! This big has been in SmartThings since forever!

In one place I use a 2 button remote to work around this issue. One button is always on and one button is always off