SmartThings-Bose Integration

Hello, has the ability to pull in Album artwork form various online music providers. The current Bose-Smartthings integration populates the trackDescription attribute but does not populate the trackData attribute (which is the one Sharptools uses to pull album art). Is this something that can be added to the backlog or otherwise made available? Thanks!
[Advanced Background Settings and Premium Album Art Tile - Announcements - SharpTools Community](Sharptools Album Artwork)

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Thanks for the tag @JDRoberts. I spoke with @jsklenka in his original thread in the SharpTools Community and have this thread on watch. :slight_smile:

Based on the snapshot he shared, it looks like the Bose Soundtouch device isn’t exposing the required data in the trackData attribute, so his request is for the SmartThings-Bose integration to be updated to include the relevant metadata like the SmartThings-Sonos integration does.


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The current Bose Integration hasn’t been updated in awhile and is not going to be updated since it’s a Groovy based SmartApp at the moment.

There should be a new Cloud to Cloud integration with Bose in the near future. I’d check again for this attribute once that has been released publicly and you’ve switched over.