Using Music Player capability with Bose SoundTouch

I’m having trouble using my Bose SoundTouch with the Music Player capability in the API. I noticed the note in the docs that says “The music player capability is still under development. It currently supports the Sonos system and as such is implemented in a way that is tailored to Sonos.” Any updates as to when we’ll get better player support?

A few weeks ago some of us were pointing out how none of the SmartThings developed SmartApps are using the Music Player capability the way that it’s documented and apparently there solution was to add a note stating that it’s still under development…

I highly doubt this will be fixed any time soon so what exactly is the problem you’re having because there may be a workaround.

The initial problems are that the level, trackData, and status attributes return no values with my Bose speakers. I haven’t even tried any of the commands yet, since I can’t even get past the basics.

Finally getting back to this app. So it seems that many of the commands do work, but getting their attribute values don’t. For example, I can set the volume of the speakers using level, but level does not return the current volume - I get nothing back. Same for status and trackData. But mute, trackDescription, and switch do return their state. Any thoughts on how I might be able to work around this?