New Device Integrations - Bose SoundTouch and LIFX

Happy Friday!

Yesterday at IFA we announced support for Bose SoundTouch products and LIFX light bulbs.

You can now connect these product to your SmartThings system!

All Bose SoundTouch products can be connected with SmartThings. This includes:

  • Bose® SoundTouch® Portable Wi-Fi® music system (Series I & II)
  • Bose® SoundTouch® 20 Wi-Fi® music system (Series I & II)
  • Bose® SoundTouch® 30 Wi-Fi® music system (Series I & II)
  • Bose® Wave® SoundTouch® music system
  • Bose® SoundTouch® Stereo JC Wi-Fi® music system (Series I & II)
  • Bose® SoundTouch® SA-4 amplifier package
  • Bose® Cinemate® 120, 130, 220, and 520 home theater systems, when used with the Bose® SoundTouch® wireless adapter
  • Bose® Lifestyle® 135, 235, 525, and 535 home entertainment systems (Series II & III), when used with the Bose® SoundTouch® wireless adapter

The following LIFX bulbs are compatible with SmartThings:

  • LIFX Original A21 Multicolor Light Bulb
  • LIFX White 800 Dimmable Light Bulb

@tyler Buddy, don’t tempt us to get more and more devices… :slight_smile: and create more support work for your team!

Curiosity compels me to ask why the LIFX Color 650 (their GU10 downlight bulb) is not listed as compatible?

Is this version of LIFX connectivity implemented via the LIFX cloud service (and thus cannot run entirely locally on the V2 hub)?

If the current version cannot run locally on the V2 hub, are there plans to implement a version which can run locally via the LIFX LAN protocol?

LIFX is a cloud-to-cloud integration right now so it cannot run locally.

I’ll check on the GU10 bulb.

Can’t connect my bose soundtouch with smartthings. I have the old v1 hub . Do I have to get a smartthing hub v2 for the bose integration?

No - it’ll work great on your first generation hub. What model of Bose speaker do you have? Are they on the same LAN?

I have a bose CineMate 520, I can use the bose app from my phone and yes it is connected on the same router with my smartthings hub. But… my smartthings hub is not seeing the bose.

Any ideas way?

With the SoundTouch adapter - right?

Before you start searching for it in the app, open this link:

Start searching in the app and let it run for 5 minutes. On the site, click the Bose SoundTouch filter at the top of the logging window and paste the output into PM me the link and I’ll see what I can find.


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Thanks for you help. I got it working.

Awesome to hear lifx is officially supported. Do gu10s work as well as groups ? I have three types of lifx globes. Thanks.

EDIT: Just tested it out and it seems to only add bulbs and not groups. This isn’t really a good approach as most users will have many bulbs and then you have to manage each one of them. They all turn off one by one instead of together.

Lifx supports groups via their api - curious as to why it wasn’t implemented using groups. If i’ve missed something apologies. under things it’s just bulbs not groups.

I’m in the UK and have bought one of the first UK SmarthThings v2.0 Hubs. However, the Lifx app doesn’t work at all even for the original Lifx colour bulb. They are correctly set up on the Lifx app, but when I click Connect Now to add them from the Things list, nothing happens at all. I then have a Lifx app in Smart Apps, which does nothing when you click on it.

Are your bulbs up to date and have you setup your location etc correctly ? It first asks you to select location once you Sign into your lifx account

The LIFX integration is cloud-to-cloud, so it will be having the same problem as IFTTT, etc. for UK users. Once they have the authentication layer sorted out for the UK servers the LIFX integration should work for you.

An upcoming improvement to the integration will allow us to support groups.

Why was there a limitation in not support groups for this implementation? it really impacts those with lots of devices…

what is the eta to enable groups for lifx?

Tyler - what’s the eta for this please? big limitation.

@joel_eggenhuize if group support is that serious for you @zzarbi lifx connect has had group support for months. check out

I already use his groups app. It’s great. But currently has a bug when using dimmer on the light app. It turns the group red. So it’s not usable for me. He said he’d look at it a while ago but hasn’t had time I’m guessing.

It’s disappointing smartthings limited lifx group functionality.

been using the lifx smartthings integration - works quite well. Sometimes the responses can be delayed with the lights as they each turn on individually - so you may get 2 out of 3 lights on then the 3rd one switches on about 5 - 10 seconds later.

really looking forward to enabling groups… not getting answers on how far off that is - which likely means it’s a while away…

Anyone having trouble with LIFX today? Mine says it’s unreachable and the LIFX connect app doesn’t show any devices.