Bose Soundtouch

Has anyone worked with Bose soundtouch to link their soundtouch speakers to any events or smartthings interface?

The Bose sound touch supports airplay you may want to check out @obycode’s Obything

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You can control music just like a Sonos with Smartthings with a Bose Sountouch. Works great, and easy to setup. I have a Wavest model that I bought from Bay Bloor radio- that has some additional features too.

Did u create your own code or were you able to just link your Bose and the features were there?

I don’t code Jonathan. I just linked it, and all everything was inbuilt.

How did you link the bose soundtouch with smartthings ?..can you give me more info.

I can link my Bose SoundTouch 120 and control the basic functions of it but I can’t figure out how to do something like…

Motion sensor outside the front door is tripped, play a sound on the Bose

Is this possible?

This is what I’m trying to do too, haven’t got it to work yet.

The only way I got the soundtouch to work with ST is to have the bose playing pandora from the Bose app at the time I turn the soundtouch off and then setting the Sonos smart app to “Play”. This does not work if I have the Bose Connected to my smartphone and have the bluetooth selected as my input before I turn off the soundtouch. Basically I have to have the music that I want to play all queued up and ready to go because all the smart app does is turn on the Bose and send a play command. This will not switch inputs or send a play command to the Bose which relays to your smartphone to start music on that device. Talking or any other alarms do not work. Also when my soundtouch goes to sleep ST still shows the soundtouch as being on and the status is not updated. Seems rather inconvenient and hardly what I would call integrated.

I agree. The Bose integration with ST can’t really be called an integration if it doesn’t work properly anyway. My ST app Bose status is never right. Even after I turn if off, few minutes later when I return to the app, it shows the Bose is “on” but it’s not.

You can’t make it play a sound based on an event. The integration is nothing more than a remote control… which I have already… came with the Bose. Blah… junk.

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