Smartthings Bond Support

For the moment you won’t be able to reliably control this fan via Smarthings, unfortunately :frowning_face:. It’s not a huge project to get this working, it’s just been delayed because it’s a relatively rare setup. I just need to make the mappings from “SetSpeed to X” -> “Increase Speed by Y” or “Decrease Speed by Z”.

Adding the “My” button: yes, that could be done. The initial device handler I created for blinds/shades had the “My” button but it was a bit buggy, so I went with the more straightforward switch to start, with the intention of returning to add the “My” button later. I’ll revisit this soon.

As for Google Home, the phrasing is "Set <device name> to favorite position"

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Does this explain why my fan goes on and cycles between low and high?

@bond-jacob just wanted to let you know the issue I was seeing with my Bond devices not showing up in the new SmartThings app seems to have be resolved as of tonight. I finally saw my devices! Thanks again for working on this I really appreciated it!

No! That’s very odd. When you’re using the physical remote this doesn’t happen?

Great to hear Sunny!

@bond-jacob i ended up changing in WebCore the setSpeed setting from “3” to “1” and it seems to have gone away.

I’m trying to decide between the Bond Hub and the ZRTSI somfy. I want to control my resistance roller shades, and as a bonus would like to control 3 ceiling fans. What should I be considering with this?

I saw that the website says a hub can work in a 2,000+ sq foot house, is this true in a real application?

I (right now) have a Bond in the living room controlling 2 fans in the same room as well as 1 fan in our master bedroom at the other end of the house. I never have any problems getting it to communicate with any of the 3. However, I could never get it to record the remote of an electric fireplace we have, but that was an after thought and not why it was purchased.

i have a Bond in my kitchen controlling 5 fans spread out over our 3000 sq ft house. Has worked flawlessly.

Thanks, Think I’ll get one to play with. My use case is: We have a west facing screened porch. When the sun goes down it bounces off the lake creating quite a bit of solar heat and brightness. So, I had it set up that when my weather station had a Lux rating of some amount it would put down four motorized shades, then raise them as the lux went to some level. I now want to create a scene that puts the shades down and turns on three ceiling fans. Sounds doable.

Yep, the bond integration works really well.

Hey @AwsmSpaceMonkey, looking back over this thread, I see that I missed this post. That’s a pretty troubling bug and I’d like to help you look in to it. Is it still happening?

Actually it hasn’t happened for a couple of weeks now. I’ll just consider it a fluke for now but I’ll post again if the issue returns. Thanks.

That’s great to read! I’m also waiting for this - just got Bond today and only have a fireplace.

Another feature request would be to customize a “long press” (keep sending the same command for x seconds) as that’s how I turn on and off the fireplace.

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@bond-jacob hope I’m not hijacking this thread.

I have a Best Cirrus Range Hood Fan and a Bond bridge. Bond has mediocre support for this remote but I understand it’s not a common use case. The device has a light and a fan. The remote only has toggle switches. The light switch uses a single button, you press it repeatedly to toggle between 4 states (High -> Med -> Low -> Off). The fan only has up and down buttons (increase speed/decrease speed).

This is ok in the Bond app, where you can just repeatedly push the buttons. It’s TERRIBLE with voice commands as you have to say the command over and over (“Alexa turn off the range hood light…Alexa turn off the range hood light…”).

So I’m down the rabbit hole of workarounds. I enabled integration with SmartThings in order to write a little SmartApp that repeats a command. So if I say “Alexa turn off the range hood light” my SmartApp repeats that command 2 more times (source code) . This is actually working great.

The problem is the fan device is not published to SmartThings at all. Do you have any idea why? This is how it’s set up in Bond:

I’m thinking maybe I should set up two different devices in the Bond app, one for the light, another for the fan, but not sure if that will matter. Maybe the fan commands are not exposed to SmartThings? I think you said something similar in a previous reply (I can’t put more than 2 links sorry, here’s a parial URL /smartthings-bond-support/165134/103) but not sure.

Thanks for looking.

Since I can only post 1 image per post: here’s what I see in SmartThings:

Question: Is there an advantage in light dimming state knowledge with something like the in fan remote/module vs the hub? I’m speaking specifically of this from Home Depot:

Downside would obviously be that it only controls one fan, but would be willing to take that limitation if it better understood fan state and didn’t get in that Harmony remote problem where you have to hit the “help” button to resync what the hub thinks the state of the device is.

I’ve got two the the Hampton Bay Wink controllers, one that works 100% of the time, and the other older one without the extended antenna that drops off my network frequently. So I’m thinking about replacing that one with one of the Bond options.

I use the Bond Bridge to control 5 fan/lights. One of the fans has the Hampton Bay wink controller and it works fine using rf to connect to Bond. The other 4 have the included rf controller paired with the Bond bridge. The bond bridge was $69 so cheaper than replacing controllers in 4 fans.

Will bond work with this controller? They say the remote is Control Method RF 433Mhz Remote.

No reason it shouldn’t. At one point, I had the bond controlling 5 fans without issue. I’ve since changed 3 over to the Zooz zen30, but the bond device does a great job of capturing the signal and replicating it.