Smartthings App Upgrades

The app is definitely the best it has ever been. But is there any idea as to when an upgrade may be done so that you can create semi transparent tiles and change the tile colors too and even 3 tiles wide like action tiles. Then I could just have the one app. Action tiles was good but no longer gives proper status of devices.


Seriously? How come it takes me 30-40 seconds to control a basic device like a light, while I wait for the app to “warm up” each time I open it?


I here you, because it is cloud based it has a delay, which I agree, sucks!!

I am just in the process of testing a new system out (I will not say the name on here). Giving Smartthings one last chance. I can let you know how I make out.

Checkout as it’s slightly more customizable for the layout of tiles, but also comes with its own set of shortcomings.

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Thank you for the info!!

Sorry, didn’t mean to slam ya - it’s just that the iOS app is perhaps the worst mobile app I’ve ever used. Whatever they do to manage the connection to the cloud is so inefficient, it has to have been coded by amateurs. It’s frustrating that multiple support cases have gone unresolved - support calls it ‘normal’ the way it operates. I have essentially given up; I’ve lost all interest in home automation, limping by with my current setup, and I come back here periodically to see if some miracle has resulted in a new app or a significant performance update. No improvement in well over a year.

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I completely understand!!!

It definitely is all completely in limbo now with nothing getting solved.

The new system I am about to try supposedly finally gets over the problem of being completely cloud based and works locally as well as cloud so I am hoping to see a massive improvement on response time. Looking forward to that.

By far the biggest problem for me is the 12-20 second delay to simply control my august door lock.