Smartthings Android app update ( 02 Sept 2023 ) version

Nothing to see this time

Changes may come in the plugins later :crossed_fingers:

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Im still waiting for a proper weather tile instead of a web page but thats probably more to do with me being British… its a thing for us

Still very badly broken.

I have a virtual light that is ‘off’ in the details view and the summary tile and ‘on’ in the dashboard view. The icon is active in all three.

It seems the dashboard tile and the icon state now only reliably refresh on startup. Device commands just give a spinny thing until they eventually error out if you are lucky. They do work, it is just that the app doesn’t notice.

Not quite seeing your level of issues Graham but this version for me is horribly slow, probably the slowest i have ever seen, just restarted the phone and gave it time to rev up and settle but the app and any form of interaction is laggy and ponderous, i may try a re install

I have a Galaxy 4 watch that i have on the favs page, the tile reports battery % different to if the device page is open ??

If thats on your boxers you wana have a word with yourself Graham :joy:

Tried a re install of the app, sadly it seems even slower than before, almost unusable, for me it is so slow to resolve rooms i get 2 rooms overlaying each other at the same time… if it stays like this i might have to find the previous version and stick with that

Uninstalled 06.23 and gone back to previous version 05.24 which i grabbed from the Galaxy store before the latest version propagated out to it, completely different app, useable and relatively fast, this new version is unusable to me on a Galaxy S10

Version runs fine on my Pixel 6a, but I don’t see any changes or improvements. It does NOT seem slow.

I have not gotten the update on my 8" Fire Tablet. The old version was very very slow on my Fire Tablet. So it is very device (resource) dependent.