Is it just me, or is development on Smartthings painfully slow?

I see all these amazing device handlers made by community members but they never get in to smartthings officially for local control. In some threads you can see staff members mentioning integrating them like 2 years ago, but it was never integrated. Also, many of the built-in device handlers are obviously outdated and missing features. Like the built-in button controller only supporting 4 buttons. I mean really? How hard is it to simply update it? The built-in ecobee and lock smartapps are miles behind the community ones.

Even the phone app has been going backwards in usability since I have started using it over a year ago. Having to click into another full-screen dimmer dial instead of just having it on the thing screen as before.

All in all it just feels like smartthings has so much potential but the company isn’t doing anything with it.

Anyone know why this is? It could easily be so much more.

Everything is relative…

  • Philips Hue only makes lighting products, and yet their hardware and software hasn’t had very many substantial upgrades either.

  • ActionTiles only has 2 people running it; so we think we’re adding features about as quickly as we can manage while maintaining stability and customer service.

My guess?

  • SmartThings is doing a ton of stuff behind the scenes. They have written an entirely new API, consolidated the SmartThings and Samsung IoT Clouds, and are working on consolidating the App; they’ve certified nearly 200 devices types, etc., etc…; they are working on international market expansion (and lots of languages coming…), and other Samsung driven goals.

In other words… they are doing a lot of stuff faster than you think. It’s just not the stuff you would like to see done, perhaps?


Yeah I guess that’s the case. This recent outage they had for a few days just reminded me how bad a “cloud” service always is. More local support is always a better thing. Just wish they would prioritize that.

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I didn’t hear about any outages, my system hasn’t missed a beat. I wonder if it was just in certain parts of the country.