SmartThings App Notifications Won't Stop!

I’m posting on here as support said they can’t send this issue to the development team as it’s not widely known as an issue, but it’s plaguing all of my family members phones, including mine.

What is happening is ever since the February Security Patch of Android 12 the SmartThings App is sending us notifications from disabled devices (Dryer, Washer, SmartTag, & Refrigerator). This is just the opposite of what many others have reported in the past when notifications wouldn’t send to their phone (ex: “The washer cycle is complete”); as ours won’t stop.

Personal troubleshooting I’ve done to try to fix the issue are as followed: turning off/on notifications, cleared cache, uninstall app and reinstall, & remove device and reconnect them to our accounts. Nothing is stopping the notifications.

The notifications are more a pain for me, as I work nights and sleep during the day. I still need to keep the notifications for my SmartTag enabled, but need to disable the Washer and Dryer notifications as to not wake me.

Everyone in my family has a Samsung Note 20 Ultra and all are running the latest firmware and the SmartThings app is updated to the latest version. Also all devices are Samsung brand and all are up-to-date as well.

Below is a screenshot showing the notifications for the Dryer are disabled, but I still received a notification saying the status has been changed (circled at top). I have a few screen recordings of the issue as well, but I’m not sure how to share them on this website. Please can anyone help or let me know if they are also experiencing this issue. The support person said the more it is know to be an issue the more likely it will be fixed.