Device notifications

I seem to be having an issue with the latest version of the smart things app, none of my notifications pass through to my phone or to my smart TV like they used to.

I have one of these Samsung SmartThings buttons set up as a doorbell with an automation to send an alert to my phone if it’s pressed, that no longer works.

My Samsung robot vacuum no longer sends notifications when it gets stuck. My leak sensors no longer send me notifications when water’s detected like they should and used to.

I’ve checked the application permissions on the phone and the application has permissions to everything it’s requested, I don’t have the notifications muted, and I’m not really sure where to go from here. It seems like the automations are running because if I go into the app the button presses or water leaks are recorded in the sensor history I just don’t get the notifications.

How often are you using the App? There is a 3 day limit on Samsung devices, if you don’t use it for 3 days, then it kills it completely. You might see this issue.

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I can literally open the app, press the button, and still get no notification.

Top left menu (“Hamburger” menu), Gear (settings) icon on the right, and second line, Notifications. Is it on? I guess we are talking about the new app.

Yeah the new app, and yes notifications are turned on.

The whole point for me is to “not” have to open the App because things should be automated. If and when I need to manually do something, I ask Alexa.

Not so much of a “Smart” feature…

@rontalley, that feature belongs to Android. Samsung might have turned it off for Smartthings as it is a Samsung app. I honestly don’t know. I ran into this recently when I was looking at Sleep as Android.

@binaryhellstorm, And if you press on the Notifications is it turned on for that device in the following list?

It is indeed

There is one last thing where I can change Notifications settings and that is at the application settings in the Android settings menu. But I guess you meant that is on, when you told all permission.

Yup I verified the application permissions as well as verifying that the notification options for the application weren’t disabled.

Well removing the app and reinstalling fixed it (throws hands in the air) .

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What version of Android are you using? I have seen recently another issue with Android Auto where the update broke things, but after when the phone was restarted it started to work.

Just ran into this with my brides iOS. I disabled notifications on the new app when she went to visit family a couple weeks ago. I was going to do some work on the system and didn’t want her bombarded with notifications. She returned home, we turned them back on, nothing. Tried off/on again, nothing. I ended up uninstalling/reinstalling the app this evening and notifications are working again. Looks like a bug in the new app.

Spoke to soon, it worked for a day and then died again :frowning: