Notifications for devices I don't have (August 2022)

Anyone else getting notifications for devices they don’t have?

My dryer just finished according to Smartthings, but I don’t have a connected dryer.

When I was adding/replacing some of my devices today, my z-wave motion sensors were registering smoke detected.

Yes! I got a washer notification in a foreign language. I don’t have a connected washer.

Same - my spouse got two notifications. One for microwave done cooking and one for SHM back door intrusion.

This is the response from support when I reported the issue and why I don’t like contacting them!


Hey there,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We are sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing. We’ll surely help you to sort this out.

In regards to your concern, we recommend you to try the below trouble shooting steps and check if that resolves the issue:

  • Clear cache
  • Uninstall the SmartThings app
  • Restart the phone
  • Re-download the SmartThings app

If you are still receiving the notifications, please provide us the below details so that we can look into it further:

  1. SmartThings app version (Menu (☰) > Settings (:gear:) > About SmartThings)
  2. Exact date and time stamp of last issue occurrence.
  3. Screenshot of the notifications your receiving

Once again we regret the inconvenience caused to you.
Please feel free to write back to us for any further queries. We are happy to help !

Samsung SmartThings Support.


Similar issue.

Got the same response. Something like “we are sorry you are not receiving notifications” blah blah “please uninstall and reinstall the app.” What?! I kindly responded that in fact I am receiving notifications but from someone else and said they should escalate to their security team. It concerns me that they do not seem to take such things very seriously. I know the response will be that they didn’t find anything.


Sharing what the support team came back with:

“As we receive an update from our team saying that the issue has been resolved. At this time you should not be receiving notifications from outside devices.”

No explanation. Not that I expect them to fully explain but this kind of crossing of devices across customers is not the kind of thing you just brush aside in my opinion.

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