Smartthings app not working on iOS 13.3 (17C5038a)


With the last upate to b2 of iOS 13.3 the smartthings app has stopped working i can’t select any device or the smart hub I’m using smartthings WiFi

support and level 3 dev team are aware of the issue but it wouldn’t hurt to drop them a note as well

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I hope you’ve filled a bug report w/ Apple too

Yes I did but usually they are very slow to respond

IMO - the change was made intentionally by apple to help secure http(s) which has in turn broken the way the v3 app communicates with certain devices.therefore it will be a change that smartthings will need to make to their app.

Thanks for the info really interesting, the devices that are not working in my example are, zwave door locks and the smartthings hub

The only things that do work are scenes and light groups. Otherwise all other devices are broken (hub connected, cloud connected and direct to cloud).

not true,

I have standard Zigbee plugs and lights that are broken as well

zigbee would be covered by hub connected, no? Those are also broken for me.

sorry I didn’t read your comment properly, my bad

Darn! Why does the ST app work for me with 13.3? I never get to experience the fun issues :wink:

I don’t think anyone has found a rhyme or reason yet for why it works for some people and not others. Maybe we can try. Vote here if your app does not work on iOS 13. Choose all options that apply to you.

  • Hub connected devices (zigbee, z-wave)
  • Custom DTH
  • Light Groups
  • Scenes
  • SmartThings Tracker
  • Samsung Vacuum
  • Samsung Appliances
  • Big screen iPhone
  • Small Screen iPhone
  • Developer mode enabled
  • Multiple Members

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not all my Zigbee devices are effected, only the ones that use the standard Zigbee device handlers (ie. those named Zigbee … whatever …)

I need to amend my earlier post. The ST app works fine on my iPads which is what I use most of the time. But my iPhone does see this issue.


welcome to the fun show

Same problem with same ios 13 version. My ipad has the same ios version and it works on there. The classic ST app works fine.

hmmm, strange iPadOS works fine since it has then same https TLD forcing.

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Update. I added some devices yesterday from the new app on my working iPad. Those devices can not be accessed nor controlled nor do they show a status in the new app but they work fine in the Classic. One of the things support asked me to try was reset network settings. Well, now the new app on my iPad is exhibiting the same issue as the iPhone with 13.3. I can’t use it. :frowning:

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bugger :frowning: not good

Any luck with this? I haven’t found a solution

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