Can’t connect to devices!

Hey guys
Apologies if this has been answered already…

I’m just getting my smart devices setup in the app before my SmartThings hub and assessories arrive… I added my Philips hue lights and also my lifx lights but they all say:

Can’t connect to device, check device and try again… even though they all work in their respective apps… is this because I need the SmartThings hub for this to work?? Which I am getting I just wanted to set things up ready…

So am I getting the error because I have no snartThings hub at present?? And will it be resolved ok when I receive it?

Thanks in advance


IOS or Android?

iOS I’ve got the iPhone X

Beta? 13.3?

Yes… oh is that why?

Yes, with the release of 13.3 last week, users have reported the connectivity issues including myself.

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Bugger! What’s the work around coming out of the beta?

So getting the hub won’t make a difference?

To use the SmartThings app at this point, you would most likely need to downgrade your Apple device. ST will probably not release an update until after the final IOS is released to the public. No telling how long that could take. Also, getting an ST hub will not resolve the issue.

But report the issue to ST support at

Thank you! I forgot my iPhone was still on the beta until you mentioned it and then it was like… doh!

Dang it. I was bored the other day and decided I was going to use the new app. Everything was fine for awhile and then all of a sudden I couldn’t connect to anything. Switched back to the classic and everything is fine again. At least now I know why.

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