Smartthings App No Longer Available on Samsung TVs?

We recently bought a new (2020) Samsung Class 8 TV and for some reason, the Smartthings App isn’t available? I’ve searched their “app store” a couple of times and nothing is coming up. TV connected to the network, Alexa nd V3 hub fine. It’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to access Smartthings via the TV. Any idea why Samsung wouldn’t make the app available?

Unfortunately it is hit and miss, some have it, some don’t, mostly high end tvs have it but in the same breath many people report its not there

I have a small ish 7 series in a bedroom that had it, it didn’t ever show any devices and then vanished

Samsung have the answers as to why , we all just guess

Also have a 2020 8 series and the app is also absent but I do get Smartthings notifications… I’m kinda pissed off at this lain brain Samsung move because even the pervious years 7 series and up had the app. The 2020 hardware is definitely capable. It’s actually the only reason I choose the Samsung over the comparable LG which had a superior picture. Wont be fooled by Samsung bait and switch again. I’m sure its not on the Crystal TVs now to push those who want the app to pay higher price ($200+ MORE) for the Q series. No thanks Samsung…not gonna happen