Smartthings App No Longer Available on Samsung TVs?

We recently bought a new (2020) Samsung Class 8 TV and for some reason, the Smartthings App isn’t available? I’ve searched their “app store” a couple of times and nothing is coming up. TV connected to the network, Alexa nd V3 hub fine. It’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to access Smartthings via the TV. Any idea why Samsung wouldn’t make the app available?

Unfortunately it is hit and miss, some have it, some don’t, mostly high end tvs have it but in the same breath many people report its not there

I have a small ish 7 series in a bedroom that had it, it didn’t ever show any devices and then vanished

Samsung have the answers as to why , we all just guess

Also have a 2020 8 series and the app is also absent but I do get Smartthings notifications… I’m kinda pissed off at this lain brain Samsung move because even the pervious years 7 series and up had the app. The 2020 hardware is definitely capable. It’s actually the only reason I choose the Samsung over the comparable LG which had a superior picture. Wont be fooled by Samsung bait and switch again. I’m sure its not on the Crystal TVs now to push those who want the app to pay higher price ($200+ MORE) for the Q series. No thanks Samsung…not gonna happen

It seems I’ve found myself in this situation as well with my new UE43TU8000KXXU tv which I specifically bought for ST compatibility reasons. The app is just not available in the app store but I’ve already connected the TV itself and integrated it into my ST setup. I just cant do things like view my Ring cameras on the tv or activate scenes.

Yeah, last years TU8000 did indeed have the app. I learned over my on research that Samsung “downgrades” these TVs year over year in hopes of forcing us to purchase the much more expensive Q series to get the same functionality of the previous year TU models… Samsung can stick it were the sun doesn’t shine…I’ve bought my last Samsung TV because of this. Going LG next time around…far superior picture anyway…


The old Samsung TVs last long. I have seen B generation Samsung TVs running 24/7 almost for 10 years without any issues. (Disregarding some burnt in text from a text label on the video stream.)
I used to have a B generation one as well, now the parents are using it, bought it in 2008 maybe, still working without any major issues. (Had some weird ones a few times in 2012, but nothing else.)
Those panels were built to last. And it is a waste of money to buy any TV for the software. Samsung criples everything regarding the TV software and drops support after a year or two, and everything is built on Tizen, which is a dead end. The only thing is important to have enough HDMI connectors. Any smart stuff is only good to detect that the TV is on. Maybe to control it remotely (but from other platforms than SmartThings). Even the B generation TV had a way to remote control it with samygo.

Otherwise LG has some interesting stuff as well:

And don’t misunderstand me, yes Samsung should stick it there… You are absolutely right!

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Well you are correct on every point and especially about the older models…they were fantastic in almost every sense, however, almost all the newer models are buggy and guaranteed to not last 10 yrs. (this is probably every brand). Even the Q series has exorbitant issues that have not been resolved and TV forums are full of issues about practically new Samsung TVs just stop working out of the blue or terrible picture issues. But I digress…

I do agree the Samsung Tv range does not seem to offer any value add above other brands now, IF ST was a stable and reliable app on Samsung Tvs and devices I would stay with the Samsung Tv brand but it simply is not happening

I bought a 2017 65" Samsung Tv, with the old ST app it worked and did exactly what I wanted although it was heavily advertised at the time as having a hub inside, it never did, non the less the ST integration was fine

Now the Tv is unsupported in the new app, it has basic integration but as many know the on command is gone

So being burned once and taking into account ST is not a part of any Tv range there is no pull to buy a Samsung Tv

I reached out to Samsung support to find out what the story is with my TV to be told that its apparently clearly stated in the tv specs. Apparently, they think people will understand that “SmartThings App Support Yes” means the tv can be added to SmartThings but controlled via the ST mobile app. They also seem to think that people will understand that “SmartThings N/A” means the ST app cannot be installed on the tv itself. I’m bloody furious and going to make an official complaint about this.


Currently arguing with them on Twitter:

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The Smartthings N/A is not on the US site, making it all the more deceptive here

Wrote a complaint to Samsung about it and was basically told to PFO… For me, this is the final straw and I will start to remove ST from my house now. The few annoyances up to now, I could put up with but this feels like a complete betrayal.

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