Samsung TV no Smart things app

Hi everyone.

I have a smartthings hub, several smartthings devices, samsung phone, tablet, fridge and now a samsung tv.

Every now and then when the Internet drops out I get notifications on the TV that a network plug is disconnected and that my fridge door is open. (No panic it wasn’t).

However I would like to get these notifications all the time as the kids keep nicking the food.

Looking at my instruction manual it would seem that I should be able to get a smart things app for the TV and see all my devices but I can’t seem to find the app in the app store on the tv.

In light of this could someone possibly answer some questions for me.

Is this feature only for the US market.
Has this been removed by samsung in the UK
Is there another way to install it.
Is there another way to control the notifications.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My TV model is UE65TU7100KXXU 2020



Known issue on 2020 TU models (US as well). It’s actually in the tv firmware but disabled. Only Q series and up now has the app. Last years TU series did in fact have the app but Samsung is screwing us over to force our hand to spend more if we want the app. Both dirty and deceptive

Thanks for the reply.

Well thats disappointing as it clearly states in the specs for the tv that it has smart things app support. Guess I will try and contact Samsung for an explanation.

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