Smartthings app loop with sign in with google home

I downloaded the SmartThings app. When trying to sign in with the google account it makes a loop. I can’t get it to link to my google home. Can someone help please.

more details please to clarify:

do you mean: trying to sign in to the ST app with your Google account or trying to link Google Home to ST?

I am guessing you are logging into the ST app with your Google account. To link Google Home to ST, you need to go to the Google Home app and add the ST integration from there. When prompted, you would use your Samsung account to login. (you would not use your Google account to login for the ST integration).

I’m on my google home app trying to link the SmartThings app. When it takes me to logging in the SmartThings app with my google account credentials it becomes a loop. I created the Samsung account with my google account so it tells me I need to use the google account to login. It never links the account. Any advice?

You should have a Samsung account (with Samsung username and Password) as well but you selected in the Samsung account to login with your Google account. To link the integration, I am certain you need to use the Samsung account only.

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