Cannot sign into Smartthings app (Google Pixel 3xl)

I cannot log into the app! I have a Samsung account and when I press “sign in” it takes me to a page asking if I wish to continue with your Samsung account and when I press “continue” it takese back to the app and nothing’s happened

I’ve had better luck signing in by using the other option to sign in and then when on that screen scroll to the bottom and click the link that says I actually do have a Samsung account.

This is also the only way I can get the option to sign in with my Google account. That option won’t appear on the Samsung sign in and unless I do it this way to get to it.

Hey there!

Have you already tried clearing the cache of the Smartthings application and restarting your device?

You can clear the cache by using this pathway: Settings>Apps>Smarrthings>Storage>Clear cache and then I would close out the app and restart it.

I hope this message finds you well!