SmartThings no longer connecting to Google Home

Hi all - not sure this is the right forum, but hopefully it is.

Until recently, I had linked my SmartThings account (and thus my Samsung Smart TV) with Google Home - this worked without issue.

In the last week or so, I am no longer able to control my Samsung TV via Google Home. The device does not appear. When I go to re-link my SmartThings account to Google, I get a message that states that the account has been linked, however the TV does not appear. Additionally, when I go to re-add SmartThings again, it does not show on my list of linked accounts, even though I received dialogue that stated that it was.

I have logged out and back in to SmartThings multiple times, unlinked/reconnected Google via the SmartThings app, re-registered the TV on the SmartThings app, unlinked my SmartThings account via Google account manager (under Security), and nothing seems to work.

Of note, I can control the TV just fine directly through the SmartThings app itself.

Any ideas? I’ve spent hours trying to troubleshoot this and cannot for the life of me seem to figure this out. I’d appreciate any guidance.

The Samsung TV Model # is: UN43RU7100FXZA. The TV has the latest firmware.

Running the latest versions of the SmartThings app, Google Home app, and iOS 13.

Is it possible you have more than one account in SmartThings?

If you sign into do you see the TV device on that account?

I had this thought, but I had never used SmartThings before I purchased this TV a few months ago. I created a Samsung account and log in that way - I don’t even have a tradition SmartThings acct (verified this to by safe by trying to reset password).

This is so weird to me.

But are you able to see the TV device listed if you sign into the previously provided link?

Actually, no, I don’t. It says I don’t have any devices… but when I open the ST app on my iPhone, logged in to my Samsung account, I see (and can interact with) the TV in question.

your not alone, since the past few days i can’t turn my tvs on or off from actiontiles anymore, they show powered on all the time. So something has definately changed \ broken.

If you don’t see your TV device in the IDE then that supports the possibility that there are two different accounts. You confirmed the same email address is listed in the IDE and in app?

Yes, I can confirm that the same email address is listed in both places.

I am having the exact same issue. I even factory reset my TV and made sure it was logging in with the ST account I use and nothing. Cant see it in the IDE no matter what I do, ive been going back and forth with support for over a month now.

Did anyone ever find a solution to this?