SmartThings iOS 1.7.02 Lights as Favorites?

This version adds “lights” to your favorites, how do I add light to it? Only a few devices appear!

At least yours found the important one, the liquor cabinet light LOL
Mine has 31 lights listed but only 8 are actually lights, hopefully it is a first attempt and will improve over time.

are all your bulbs/switches using Edge drivers? :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Everything I have is on edge

Same with mine… I have an arbitrary set of 4 lights available through the status bar. I can’t work out why it’s those 4 and not any of the others.

The same with temperature, I have a bunch of devices that report temperature but only one is listed.

None of my switches or dimmers are in the Lights favorite group. Only my outlets and a Matter nightlight are there.

all my Lutron Caseta, Philips Hue bulbs/switches appear

Yes, it looks like if the Category for a device is Light or SmartPlug then they are appearing. Devices with Category of Switch are not being included.

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@h0ckeysk8er , agree…

On a positive spin, App is much snappier!

The Android version is suffering the same growing pains with lights on, off, off line, ST is definitely aware of it, my ticket was closed so at a guess a fix is in the pipeline

It’s been 7 months now. Has anyone got this bug fixed or explained?

Still half baked. But more are being monitored now, only about half.