SmartThings App doesn't work during setup + TV remote doesn't work

We have a Samsung Series 8 75" TV that we got from Best Buy. They sold us the floor model, and when we bought it, it did not come with a remote. We installed the SmartThings app and connected it via our phone to change the channel.

Lately this has been inconvenient so we bought 3 different remotes that were said to control Samsung TVs and have tried for hours to get one to work, and none of them work.

We tried Samsung’s support site and it gave no info or help. Online searches suggested Factory resetting the TV under Home, Settings, Support, Self Diagnostics, Reset. We did that and turned the TV back on and got greeted with a Samsung intro video like you see when you turn the TV on for the first time. It then prompted us to download the SmartThings app and connect it.

Going through the SmartThings app to connect it, it gave an error saying “Something went wrong while setting up your TV. Cannot proceed with TV setup with your mobile device. Please try setting up with the TV remote.” The problem is the TV remote does not work, we don’t have a remote.

When we go through the SmartThings App and try again, it finds the TV in the area and we select it. It then says Check the PIN shown on your TV, then enter it below. On the TV there is no pin. It’s stuck on the message “Something went wrong while setting up your TV. Cannot proceed with TV setup with your mobile device. Please try setting up with the TV remote.” Even after unplugging the TV overnight and plugging it back in, it still has that message.

Model No.: UN75NU8000F
Type No.: UN75NU8000

Your tv is gonna have to be reset and you will need a working remote to do it. Which remote did you get , it will need to be a Samsung remote…the upgrade slim remote with few buttons or the traditional remote with many? If it is the slim remote (which is what comes with the TU8000 seies, it should pair by pressing the back and the play button simultaneously.s-l400

These are available all over ebay

I have the 2nd remote, the slim one with less buttons, ordered it from samsung parts. I tried that pairing process but it didn’t work. Any other ideas?

I have a couple of suggestions. Just got a couple of 8 series from bestbuy myself this year.
One of them I had to unplug a couple of times to get it to cooperate for me. Leave it unplugged for 5 minutes or so before plugging it back in. Also make sure the shipping plastic is all off the remote sensor on the TV and remote. And just as a shot in the dark …try a mouse or keyboard on the TV to navigate through the menu if you can’t get the remote to work. I had to go back and reset my livingroom TV and run the software update. Last night the phone app in smartthings updated the device handler for mine and it’s working better there now.

WOW! You’re a lifesaver, plugging in my wireless usb keyboard let me control the tv and finish the setup. Thank you!!!


Were you able to get the remote paired after or during setup?

no the remote still doesn’t pair or work, I tried holding back and play, home button, power button, and someone else suggested holding back and volume up, tried multiple things and nothing worked

looks like i did forget to mention the buttons should be held for at least 3 seconds.