Tv reset smartthings without a Control

Good evening,

My Samsung control for the TV stopped working last month and we went through the troubleshooting, nothing. the person I spoke to on messenger told me just to use smartthings. Was great, simple, all good.

However the past week or so it’s not been connecting despite having WiFi and Bluetooth on.

I decided to forget device and the connection with the TV and started again. I went to settings and forget device, I went to Samsung account online and forget connection with phone (which I presume is smartthings as only connection with Samsung on phone).

Went to set up again and it says someone has already registered this device and to reset. Phone finds tv… Start to reset and it comes up on TV

Do you want to set up your TV via your phone? Set up or cancel. I want to press set up but

  1. TV control won’t work
  2. Phone isn’t connected yes to select set up

So currently I have a Samsung TV mounted on the wall, TV control won’t work, smartthings can’t connect, so can’t adjust the volume or source… Luckily sky control is working to control channel but won’t work volume.

It’s a 1st world hassle… Any suggestions from people much more knowledge than myself?