SmartThings App Devices Gone No Network Connection

I posted a question earlier about Honeywell Home. My saga continues and only gets worse. I uninstalled SmartThings to try to fix my issue with Linked Services, but when I reinstalled it won’t connect. My rooms are there, but the devices don’t show up in the app. Some of my devices are shown in favorites, but they show “No network connection”. When I re-logged into the app, it didn’t log in like it usually does. It didn’t ask for my Samsung password. It seems to be logged into my Samsung account, with my email, but nothing seems to be connecting properly. If I got to sign out now from the app, it says that I will lose all connections with my Samsung account on the phone. Why would that be? Why would just signing out of the SmartThings app remove my Samsung account from phone? Of course, I have a Pixel, so not sure why I have a Samsung account, anyway. What can I do about this? Thanks.

P.S. My devices are shown on in their proper rooms. Just not in the app on my Pixel phone.

P.S.S. Never mind. I logged out of my Samsung account in the ST app, which was weird, but then I was able to sign in again and this time it asked for email and password and my devices are back in their rooms. Still not linked to my Honeywell thermostats, but that’s in a different thread. Thanks.

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