Nest Thermostat Device cant connect



Finally got rid of the old version of smartthings app on my phone and upgraded to new app - like the layout and all the settings

I do have 1 problem - I cant view my nest device or settings on the app - says “cant connect to device - check device and try again” - the device worked fine on the old app i also updated it yesterday through git hub and it worked on the old app after the update and before i deleted old app - but has never opened on the new app

any ideas?

dont want to re setup if i can help it

(Rich) #2

Custom apps and device handlers do not work in the new connect app, thats why most people are still using the old smartthings app.



is this a permanent change ?

guess i better go back to the old app


(Rich) #4

I would suspect that custom apps and DHT’s will be working in the future, when… dunno.

(Jimmy) #5

Custom apps work currently once they are installed, but custom devices still need work. Details are trickling out, so hopefully soon the developers will start updating their handlers to work with the new app.

(Eric) #6

You can use the old app with an upgraded samsung account.

This is best for now given ST status