Smartthings App created devices that don't exist

Due to issues I had read about and I never got anything from ST saying I should update, I have been sticking with the Classic app. A few weeks ago, however, I had an issue with Iris V2 smart plugs not pairing and when I called support they said I should try using the new app. So I loaded it. Since the problem was a an issue with a DTH it of coarse did not help. That issue was fixed thanks to @Brad_ST from another post in a different thread.

Anyway, the issue is that when I loaded the app it created about 50 devices most called Contact1 and a few called Motion1. About half of these I was able to delete. I currently have about 20 Contact1s and 2 Motion1s that will not delete. If you go to the devices page and then edit and select the device you get the option to delete, but when you select it nothing happens. They also do not appear in the IDE.

Along with the additional devices it also helpfully moved all my other devices into one room, so I could go through them all again and make sure that I put them in the room I really wanted them in. So that was fun. I have also since added some Leviosa Blinds and they say their integration only works in the new app. So when I went and linked ST to the Leviosa app, it moved all my devices into one room again, so I could again sort through them. So I am a little hesitant to even open the app at this point.

I called support about this over a week ago and the person I spoke with could not resolve the issue and elevated it to next level support. Apparently that only means they give me a support number and I never hear from them again.

I have searched and I cannot find any other post showing a similar issue, so I wonder if anyone has experienced these extra devices being loaded and how I might be able to remove them.

Can you check if these are now gone?


They are. Thanks again.

I have this exact same issue but involving a different smartapp. I cannot remove these “ghost devices” and they do not show up in IDE. I need help.