Ghost Device in New App

In the new app, it’s showing a single zooz device that doesn’t actually exist in my system. It won’t delete through the app.

I do not see this device in the old app or the IDE website.

I’ve tried network repairs, unlinking and relinking 3rd party connections, starting a new location and rebuilding everything. No luck thus far.

How do I remove it? Thanks!

It could be listed under another name in the Classic app or IDE. Best bet would be to contact ST support and see if they can locate and remove it.

There’s a bug in the new ST app, if during installation the device handler has an error, the IDE and Classic app won’t install the device (as excepted) but the new ST app doesn’t seem to get that message and it creates the device anyways. (easy to replicate this consistently)

Now when you try to delete it from the new app, it first checks with the IDE and if the IDE say, nah it don’t exist (which it doesn’t because it wasn’t created), it won’t let you remove it.

This can also happen is there’s an error, say the device was somehow delete in the IDE but the message didn’t reach the new app, same situation. When the new tries to delete it, it’ll check with the IDE and if it doesn’t exist it won’t let you delete it.

This problem is worse in the iOS app, the Android app sometimes lets you delete the device, the iOS never does and you end up with a bunch of ghost devices.

Do report it to and you can reference Request #976951 so they can tag the tickets together.


I was greeted with 75 ‘ghost devices’ which magically showed up in an ‘Offline’ mode and assigned to ‘Unknown’ room. I successfully manually deleted all but 34 (100’s of keystrokes). The remaining 34 could not be manually deleted in the new Smartthings UI apparently due to someone’s failed logic that you highlighted above. To make things extra crazy, the new UI programmer decided to show these ‘ghost’ devices to just tease so many of us during this already stressed migration.

I sent an email to as @RBoy recommended (Thanks for giving me the reference to point them in the right direction). My fingers are crossed that the support staff will only delete the 34 offline ghost devices I categorized in a “Delete Old Devices” room and not create a bigger problem.

I also found out when I created that new room, that the hard coded 20 room limit still exists :hot_face:. I am always disappointed with some the ridiculous decisions by the ST design/programming staff with random maximums that really don’t make common sense. ‘Rooms’ are just a device ‘meta tag’ which cannot take up that much db space, so I’m guessing that apparently a ‘20’ year old programmer made that choice to match his/her age! :rofl:

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Thank you. I’ve got a support ticket in. So far no luck, just them having me go through steps I’d already taken (and had told them I had). Waiting to see what they come up with next.

Did they come up with anything?